"The Reunion"
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With great effort she opened tired
eyes and once again looked out her
living room window. Much to her
surprise she was confronted by a
brightly colored sky.
A rainbow, she wondered?
Or had the sun already begun to set?
How long had she been sitting in her
And, what happened to the rain?

Leanning her head back against the
chair she closed her eyes again,
and as she did, her mind and heart
drifted back to the day of another
Another kind of sunset.
The day the sun had set on her and
her forever friend.
The sun had set too early that day.
Too early for a warm spring day in
A May so hoped for.
Tears spilled down her face and she
made no atempt to wipe them away.
"Do you know what I've been calling
you Shoo? My forever friend! You are
my forever friend!"
Letter dated to Shoo-Fly, May 5, 1999.

My darling Shoo,
I am writing you from "Shoo-land" which I have begun to call our backyard!
You aren't out yet but it is fairly early and the sun is hot. Probably you will come
when it cools down a little.
I was beginning to wonder when we would sit together again. You weren't out
yesterday morning and I was so scared.
But then last night, there you were ,waiting for me by the back door!
I brought out your treats and you stayed a long time,
actually laying down beside where I sat.
Once you closed your eyes and appeared to be asleep.
I have never seen a bunny sleep, Shoo!
As we sat the wind cooled and I told you about storms.
Bad ones may be coming.
For the most part,Shoo, you can outrun dogs and cats and man.
But storms,
you have to be a smart bunny.
Go into your house and stay there until it passes.
I love you so much Shoo!
Do you know what I have been calling you?
My forever friend!
You are my forever friend!
There will never be a time when we are not together.
"Bright Eyes" will always be your song and
I will always sing it to you.
Be a good bunny, a smart bunny and a safe bunny.
I will see you in just a few hours!"
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