"The Reunion"
That night they had sat together...
and the next evening as well.
Little had she known that this would
be the last time they would be
together for any appreciable amount
of time.
"I didn't know the sun had already
begun to set," she said aloud.
Her voice, sounding so weak,
momentarily startled her.
But then,putting all other thoughts
aside, she allowed herself to
remember the beauty of that
the evening of the 6th.of May, 1999.

Shoo had come early that evening. As
usual she brought out his treats which
had taken from her hand.
Then, going into the house she picked
a ripe apple and went to the kitchen
counter to slice it for herself and her
friend to share.
Shoo had  waited by the back door as
he always did.
After they had finished eating, she had gone back into the house for the little
disposable camera she had purchased at the drug store the previous day.
Bringing it out she sat on the step preparing to take pictures of her beloved friend.
She laughed now remembering the day!
Shoo would not stay back from the camera!
Almost all of the pictures included her blue jeaned knee!
After getting pictures from the step, knee and all, she went out into the yard with
Shoo running behind her.
"Get back!" she had told him,sounding very serious as she knelt in the grass
preparing to get what she hoped would be an exquisite picture of her beautiful
cottontail friend.
He hopped toward her.
"Shoo! Shoo!" she had said waving her hands at him in a pushing away manner.
He hopped toward her again...nose toward the camera.
Finally, she went ahead and took many pictures of her camera loving friend, even
though she knew he had been too close.
Once she had thought she had a marvelous shot, Shoo sitting in the grass looking at
her with those beautiful brown eyes..
Kneeling again, she had said "Stay, Shoo, stay!"
as she aimed the camera.
Not only had he come running toward her again, but put one front foot on her knee
and raised himself up to get a really good look at this thing she kept pointing at him.
The next day she had told a friend about her attempts to take pictures of
Shoo-Fly.The person, being a camera bug and having expensive equipment, had
offered to take professional shots, believing that if she sat with Shoo he would stay
in one place.
Thrilled, she thanked him and they made a date for the following week. He would
have come that weekend but her daughter was coming in from out of town and she
had felt  the next weekend would  be better.
Later that day she had thought to herself...
"Well, I might as well have waited", as far as pictures were concerned.
But, how grateful she had been only three days later to have those pictures she had
taken on that warm spring day.
Pictures of Shoo the last week she had been with him.
In this, the little disposable camera had become one of the most valuable things she
had ever owned, and the pictures...
The photos, now yellowed with age and much handling,still remained in her top
dresser drawer neatly tucked inside of a handkerchief.
She remembered the day the word  "pictures" took on a new meaning for her.
Up until then she had thought of "pictures" as showing only how one looked at a
certain time.
But then, one day as she had sat looking once again into the eyes of her gentle
friend through one of the pictures she had taken, she thought aloud to her physically
absent frined:
"This is not just how you looked Shoo, but how you looked when we were together.
In this picture, we were together!"
Forever in time, she had thought.
In these pictures we are together, forever, in time.
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  Together, forever, in time.
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