potted roserabbit in mirrorpotted rose

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Memory of the Trees

"Delicate flowers on the apple tree,
the scent reminiscent of you and me;
the time together we did spend,
I breathe them in, my heart to mend.

Chirping birds, past winter's song,
our backyard haven where I belong;
I sit once again in spring's first breeze,
as May flowers bloom on the apple tree.

I see us sitting in each familiar place,
together again through time and space;
Our time apart has been too long!
Oh, how I long for May's first Song!

I feel the sky; I touch the sun.
My hope in time, not yet begun.
A vision of this through you I see,
as May flowers bloom on the apple tree."

Written May 2000

The Evans' Backyard is open to visit!!

For three years after Shoo passed,
his offspring came to visit.
Though not Shoo, I valued
their visits so much...
and I did get some good pictures.

So click on the bunny
link above and come meet who
I came to call The Cottons!

Also, Little Joe Squirrel who
kept me in constant trouble
with the neighbors
and would not be ignored
in the pictures!!

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