Panting Dog Animation

This tutorial was written using PSP7
but should work with any version
making slight adjustments where necessary.

Save the above picture and open in PSP.
*Or use one of your own
making changes where needed.

Create a new canvas 370x278; transparent.

Right click on the saved picture and "copy".

Now paste the copy onto your new canvas.

You can now close the original picture.

Your new canvas will now have 2 layers.
Delete the bottom layer.

Your image is now ready to use.

1) Make sure your layer palette is open.

2) Right click on the layer palette and choose "Duplicate".

You should now have 2 layers the same.

3) Do not merge the layers.


Now we will open Animation Shop!

4) In Animation Shop open the image you saved.

*"File"; "Open"; find your image; click "Open".

5) Your image will now come onto the screen.

Both layers will be there not merged.

6) Choose "File"; "Export Frames to Paint Shop Pro".

One of your frames will now be back in Paint Shop Pro.

7) Choose the "Zoom tool"

and zoom in by one.

*"View"; "zoom in by 1".

8) With the "Selection tool" set to "Rectangle";
and "Antialias" checked,

draw out a rectangle taking in the dog's tongue as shown.

Now dulicate the layer.

Leave the selection active.

9) With your layer palette open, x out layer 1
and highlite the layer 2.

It doesn't really matter which one
as long as you do them both.

10) On the top toolbar choose "Effects"; "Geometric Effects"
and "Punch", with the effect set to "19".

Click "OK".

11) Now x out layer 2 and highlite layer 1.

Redo "Punch", this time setting the effect to "7".

12) Remove the x from both layers.

13) Go to top toolbar; "Selections" and "Select None".

14) Click the red x on the image to close.

You will be asked if you want
to update Animation Shop before closing.

Click "Yes".

Now your frame is back in Animation Shop!

15) At this time we are going to check the tongue animation.

Right click in the gray area with the numbers: F:1 D:10.

*F:1 is your frame number and D:10 is the speed of the animation.

16) I left mine at 10 because it did seem
to be a realistic speed for a pant.

*Remember if you aren't happy with the way
the selection you made looks, in Animation Shop
go to "Edit" and "Undo update from PSP".
Then just repeat "File"; "Export frames to PSP";
and you will be able
to redo your selection.

Note too, that you can also zoom in on an
animation from Animation Shop the same as you can in PSP.
Select "View" and "Zoom in by 1".

To go back to normal size, choose "View" and "Normal viewing".

If you are happy with the way the pant looks,
we will now add chest and side breathing movement.

Remember, we don't have to save the animation.
As long as you don't choose "Undo update from PSP",
Animation Shop will continue to save your work for you!

*Another note: This tut is alot to do at one time.
Animation Shop will save the animation we have done so far
so you can go back to it.

To do this instead of choosing "gif", allow Animation Shop
to save the image as an animation. return later to continue your work
choose "File" and the drop down menu will show.
Under "Preferences" you will see your saved animation.

Left click on the name of the image
and your two frames with your work
saved will come onto the screen.

Now onto the breathing!

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