Mosaic Frame Tutorial

This tutorial is written and copyrighted by Sally Evans.
Any similarity to another is strictly coincidental.

The tutorial is written using Paint Shop Pro 9 but will work
with any version, making possible adjustments where needed.

It is also written very "step by step".
Let's begin!

For your finished creation you may save
this image, or use one of your own!

This is what is so nice about this tut!
The instructions will work on
any picture you choose!

Open your image in PSP.
Duplicate it (top toolbar;"window"; "duplicate")
(or "Shift key" and "D") and close the original.

Now make a duplicate copy of the duplicate. :o)
You should now have two images
the same open in your work area.
Minimize one of the images.

From the top toolbar choose "Effects";
"Texture Effects" and "Mosaic-Glass".

You can use the settings I have
(columns=50; rows=50;glass curvature=50;
edge curvature=0;grout wdith=2;grout diffusion=87)

or try different numbers to see what you come up with!

Remember the higher the number or columns and rows
the less your frame will show the picture.

Rows and Columns at 100%

If you haven't saved your work as yet,
do so now but don't close out the image.
You may want to save this as "frame".

Now bring up the image you minimized.

We are going to resize the picture by 80%.

Again, this is not written in stone. :o)
The smaller you resize,
the more of the frame will show.

Copy this ("Edit"; "Copy")
and paste as a new layer onto your frame.
("Edit"; "paste as new layer").

Now look again to the top toolbar this time
choosing "Effects"; "3D Effects" and "Inner Bevel".

Use these settings to achieve what I have in our sample,
(width=4; smoothness=8; depth=8; ammbience=0;
shininess=40; angle=315; intensity=50; elevation=26)
or try different numbers of your own!

Merge the two layers, save as a "jpeg"
and you are done!

I hope you have enjoyed doing the tutorial.
It was alot of fun to write!

Deer photograph:
Tanja Askani photographs