"Daisy and...

The Chiropractor's Hamster"

My chiropractor loves his hamster, Woogie, and refuses
to go on medical conventions unless I watch him.
I took to the task falling in love with
the little critter myself.

Now hamster loving people I understand.
But a hamster loving rabbit??
You be the judge!

I had been hamster sitting for two weeks and
it was time for Woogie to reunite with his owner.
I placed the cage on the floor with Woogie inside and
was waiting for my Chiropractor friend to pick up said hamster.

I didn't think anything about Daisy coming to lie in front of the cage.
During Woogie's visit I had put the little hamster in an exercise ball
and let him run around on the floor. I was surprised that Daisy
tolerated our visitor well...not seeming the least offended when
bumped by the ball. He actually seemed to almost like the hamster
and Daisy was and is not one for spontaneous friendships.

When my friend arrived to pick up Woogie he noted
Daisy lying in front of the cage. I told him that Woogie had
enjoyed his visit and had obviously made a very favorable
impression on my rabbit!

Smiling, the Chiropractor went to retrieve hamster and cage.

I believe he might have been preparing to ask Daisy to move but
was stopped short by a grunt and lunge from Daisy who had
clearly thought himself the hamster guard.
My Chiropractor friend jumped out of the way.

Once again he went to retrieve the cage and was met
with the same response from the Hamster Patrol.
His stunned look met my own.
"That's MY hamster!" he said in disbelief
as Daisy settled himself back in front of the cage.

Now it was my turn. I ordered Daisy out of the way.
He got into pounce mode.
"Daisy! Stop it!!"
I was met with something that sounded like "Mrrumph!"

Finally, with the Chiropractor waiting by the stairs,
I retrieved hamster and cage. It was not an easy thing I will say,
Daisy being determined that no one was taking his hamster friend anywhere.

After reuniting Woogie and owner my Chiropractor friend looked at me again
and said "I thought rabbits were timid?" still somewhat in disbelief.

We both looked at the 6 pound ball of rabbit who had
since moved to a corner of the room and turned
his back on us...clearly in disgust.
"Not this one!"

At Daisy's next check up I told the vet about the hamster
incident, still quite surprised myself.
The vet, smiling, assured me there was nothing wrong with my rabbit.
"You don't cage him." he explained. "In his mind, the whole
house IS his cage and while he may have accepted
the hamster into his "cage" he sure didn't accept your Chiropractor!"

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