Cat's Eyes Animation

Save the above picture and open in PSP.

Create a new canvas 320x240, transparent.

Click on the original image
and select "Edit" and "Copy".

Now paste onto the new canvas as a new layer.
You will now have 2 layers.

Delete the first layer.

Close the original picture.

Now make a duplicate of your new image.
You should have two images the same.

Image 1   Image 2

Select the "zoom" tool and zoom in once
on Image 2.

The image should now be larger.


There is no easy way to do this. Sigh!

It takes most of us alot of patience
and alot of practice!

Cats close their eyes using
both the upper and lower lid.

They kind of squeeze their eyes shut.
So we will need to work in both areas.

Make sure your "tool options"
box is open.

Select the "retouch" tool

and set the brush to Push
with the following settings:

Size: 25
and Density:100

Now this is not for the faint of heart
or the easily discouraged!

With the "push brush" we are going
to push some of the color from the upper lid
onto the eye.

Start with the left eye.
Set the push brush right over
the center of the eye on the top lid.

Now "push" some of the lid color onto the eye.

Now go under the eye right beneath the lower lid
and repeat the instructions
moving some of the color from the lower
lid onto the eye.

You may need to repeat these two steps
until you get the eye covered.

This took me several tries. :o)

Image 2


To edit the image, go to "Edit" on the
top of the screen and then "Undo push brush".

This "undoes" the brush a step at at time.
Maybe you are happy what you did on the top lid,
but then made a mistake on the bottom with your first try.
Just edit "undo push brush" once.

To start over completely,
just keep "undoing" the "push" brush.

(*Note: You can also "undo" your work
by choosing "Edit" and "Command History").

You can try this now if you like.
Use the "push brush". Now go to "Edit"
and "Undo Push Brush".

When you finally have your second
image as you want it
save both images as psp images.

Don't close the images or Paint Shop Pro.
You may need to adjust the eyes.

With Paint Shop Pro still open and
both your images on the screen,
open Animation Shop.


We will use the Wizard at the top of the screen.

1) "Same size as the first image frame."
Click Next.

Click Next.

3)"Centered in the frame" and
"with the canvas color" should be checked.
Click Next.

4)Speed: "80"
Click Next.

5)Add your two images.
Click Next.

6) Click "Finish".

7) Your two frames will now come onto the screen.

8) Right click on the gray area with the numbers.
Choose "Go to frame" and select "2". (Frame 2)
9) At the top of the screen choose "Animation"
and "Frame Properties".

10) Type in the number "124" for the second frame.

11) Now select "View Animation".

12) If you are happy with the eye movement choose "Save As"
and Animation Shop will take you through the saving process.


Remember...if you are not happy with your end result,
just close your images in Animation Shop.

You will be asked if you want to
save your work. Select "No".

Return to Paint Shop Pro which should
still be open displaying your two images
and begin editing your animation image (Image 2).

Save the image as before
and return to the Animation Shop Wizard.

Good Luck!

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