Breathing Bunny tutorial

Breathing Bunny Tutorial


Today we are going to help this bunny come to life
with this easy breathing tutorial!

The tutorial is written using PSP7 but will
work in all versions except where noted.

Begin by saving the bunny image
and opening it in PSP.

Create a new canvas 246x259; transparent.

Highlight the original image and copy it.

*You can close the original image.

Now paste onto the new canvas
as a new layer.

Delete the first layer and save as a PSP image.

You have now turned a gif image into a workable image
in PSP!

Let's begin!

With your image open select the freehand tool as shown.

Also, be sure your layer palette is open.

With your selection tool draw a kind of oval shape
around the bunny's mid section as shown.

You should now see the marching ants
showing your selection.
Do not deselect!

With your selection active, duplicate the layer by
right clicking on layer one and choosing "duplicate".

Your duplicated layer will be hi-lighted.
Turn off the first layer as shown.

Go to "effects" located on the top toolbar and choose
"geometric effects" and "punch".

A window like this will appear.

This is where we get the chest movement.
To keep it realistic looking, I set
the effect at 17% as shown.

Go back to your layer palette and this time
x out the second layer and hi-light the first.

Repeat "punch" on this layer using a setting of 7%.

Turn layer 2 back on by removing the x.

Your layer palette should look like this:

Name and save in PSP format...
like bunnyan.psp

*When using PSP8-Xl you have two different options.
Version 8&9 save as "Animation Shop (PSP)".
For version Xl choose the "Animation Shop" file.

Do not "merge" the layers.

Now for our animation!