"Double Animation"

This tutorial was written using PSP7
but should work fine in all versions
with possible slight adjustments.

1) Save the above image and open in Paint Shop Pro.

Open a new canvas 376x254; transparent.

2) Now copy the saved "gif" image
and paste as a new layer on the new canvas.

3) Delete the first layer.

*Layer palette; highlight layer 1; choose "delete".

4) Now save as a PSP image.

You may close the gif image.
We won't be using it again.

A white border of 1 is already there,
so you don't need to worry about adding one.

5) Your image now has one layer.
Duplicate the layer.

*Layer palette; right click; choose "Duplicate".
You should now have 2 layers.

6) Save as a PSP image.
Do not merge the layers.
Do not close PSP.

7) Open Animation Shop.

Animating the Bunny

8) Open your image in Animation Shop.

*File; Open; find your image.

Click "Open".

9) In the above image, notice the numbers
F:1 D:10

Right click in that area.

A box will come up that says: "Go to Frame";
"Animation Properties" and "View Animation".

Left click on "Go to Frame".

In the box advance to frame "2".

Click "Ok".

10) Now choose "File"; then "Export Frames to Paint Shop Pro".

Your image is now back in Paint Shop Pro.

11) In Paint Shop Pro, choose the "Zoom"
tool to enlarge your picture.

Left click ONCE.

Your image should be large enough now
to see what you are doing!

*Please note that the "zoom tool" does not effext
the real size of the image.

12) On the left side tool bar, choose the "Freehand" tool.

*Be sure your layer palette is open.

13) With your selection tool draw a kind of oval shape
around the bunny's mid section as shown.

You should now see the marching ants
showing your selection.
Do not deselect!

14) With your selection active, duplicate the layer by
right clicking on layer one and choosing "duplicate".

15) Your duplicated layer will be hi-lighted.
16) Turn off the first layer as shown.

17) Go to "effects" located on the top toolbar and choose
"geometric effects" and "punch".

A window like this will appear.

This is where we get the chest movement.
To keep it realistic looking, I set
the effect at 17% as shown.

18) Go back to your layer palette and this time
x out the second layer and hi-light the first.

Repeat "punch" on this layer using a setting of 7%.

19) Turn layer 2 back on by removing the x.

Your layer palette should look like this:

Now here is where it is different than our bunny animation.

20) Do not save the image.

Instead click on the "x" to close the image.

You will be asked if you want to update
Animation Shop before closing.

Click "yes".

21) Now your image is back in Animation Shop!

From the top toolbar,
choose "Animation" and "Frame Properties".

Like we did in the first breathing tutorial,
set the speed to around 60.

It is a good idea to check the animaiton now
to see if you are happy with the bunny.

Again, right click in the area with F:1 D:10
this time chosing "View Animation".

If you are not happy with the animation,
go to the top toolbar and choose "edit".
Undo just your frame properties if you are
not satisfied with the speed.

If you aren't happy with the entire animation
continue with "edit" and choose "Undo update from PSP".

You can now start over if you wish.

If the bunny's breathing looks as you want,
there is no need to "save".
Animation Shop has already saved
the first part of your animation.

Now we will work on the deer.


Photo by:
Tanja Askani