"The Dream"

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"Soul Echoes"

"From 'neath the tree I saw you rise
the light of life now in your eyes.
From under the fence you came to me
and things were as they used to be.

You sniffed my hand in friendship meet
my life was now again complete.
We stayed awhile till moon light's rise
then sat as old 'neath starry skies.

Though time stood still the seasons changed
together again through sun and rain...
through winter's chill and with spring's
first breeze
flowers bloomed for us on the apple tree.

Stories told of days gone by...
apples sliced 'neath a starry sky.
Stories told of the times we knew...
together forever me and you.

We touched the sky at the Rainbow's end
you and I, my eternal friend.
A friendship made; a friendship keep...
and I awoke from dream-filled sleep."

    Falling Stars
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