"The Reunion"
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The apple tree,she thought!
How big it must be by now!
Part of a poem she had written
long ago came into her mind.
"I saw you waiting for me,near
the apple tree. You were waiting
there. Waiting there for me."

So often she had sat with Shoo-Fly
at the foot of this tree, many
times sharing an apple from it's
She remembered the beautiful
scent of  apple blossoms that filled
the air on the first day she met
her forever friend.
To this day she still thought she  
could  smell  the dainty white
She smiled to herself.
Memory was a funny thing at her
age, she mused.
She had difficulty remembering
the present date,
yet, memories of a time so long
ago were so vivid...
and for some reason, she thought,
even more so today.
"I saw you waiting for me, near
the apple tree. You were waiting
there. Waiting there for me."     
Then, suddenly, the seasons changed in her mind. The apple tree, abundant with
apples and small white flowers became barren and icicles clung to it's branches.
She remembered the March of 1999 and a frown added another crease to her brow..

The snow! March had certainly come in like a lion that year and the eighth day of
the month was proving to be the worst.
She had worried so about Shoo-Fly.
The snow in the backyard would have been at least  up to her knees and  recent
foot surgery had left her unable to do anything about it.
She had surveyed the yard that day with growing dismay. The nearest Shoo could
get to the house was the apple tree. She had been feeding him by the back porch
step, but the large snow drifts that now lined the  back of the house made that out
of the question. She pushed at the storm door. It would not budge.
Frustrated and near tears, she closed the inner door.
Surely though, she told herself, the little rabbit would not venture out on an  
evening such as this.

The next morning she hobbled down the stairs to the kitchen and found the back
door still impossible to open.
Peeking out the small window of the storm door she gasped in surprise.
There, coming from the back of the yard to the house were rabbit tracks, all the
way to the door!
Her friend had come!
What joy mixed with sorrow!
Joy, that her beloved friend had come to her for help. How valuable! No amount of
gold in the world could ever be as valuable to her as this!
But what sorrow! He had come to her and she had not been able to help him.
Tears ran down her face as she closed the door and sat down at the kitchen table.

Later that day, when her husband arrived home from work, she had told him of
the tracks in the snow.
Saying very little, he turned from her and disappeared  into the garage.
Suddenly she heard all sorts of commotion going on in the backyard.
Looking out the small kitchen window, much to her surprise, she saw her husband
standing in mounds of snow armed with a pick, a shovel and the snow blower!
Before long, he had carved a path from the back door to the apple tree.
"There", he had said upon entering the house. "It's fixed."

That evening, piling on extra socks and pulling on the surgery shoes given her to
wear, she had made her way to the tree where her friend waited....
and once again they sat, sharing treats and apples (although now from the fruit
bowl in the kitchen!),
as together they watched their evening star and thought of spring.

"Apples we shared and moments of gold", she whispered."Shoo and I huddled
deep in the cold."

Not too far in the distant future her husband's kind efforts would be memorialized
in a poem she would write for her forever friend.
Memories would flood her heart as she wrote:"A path through the snow to the
young apple tree was made for the friendship between Shoo and me."

Once again, a tear traced it's way down the wrinkled face.
So beautiful, she thought!
Those precious tracks in the snow!
Tracks that would forever be etched in her heart.
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