" The Reunion"
                Part 1
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The elderly lady sat rocking slowly
back and forth as she looked out her
small living room window.
"Raining again", she thought aloud,
even though there was no one else
in the room to hear her observation.
With a deep sigh she leaned her
head back against the cushioned
padding of the old rocker.
She had been so tired lately!
More tired than usual.
Even the slight exertion needed to
rock the chair was proving to be too
much for her.
Sighing again, she closed her eyes as
she had done so many times in her
plus years,
and once again, her mind travelled
back to her forever friend.
"For where your
treasure is,there will
your heart be also."
Matthew 6:21
How long had it been since she had sat with him?
Twenty years? Maybe thirty?
Days and years seemed to run together now and remembering accurately,
often very difficult.
But suddenly, a small smile began to play at the corners of her mouth.
"Fifty!" she exclaimed to herself. "I was fifty."
A time when some thought they had reached old age before they even knew
what old age was!
More than thirty years had passed, yet there wasn't a day that she didn't think
of him....
the small brown cottontail who had entered her life and heart in the spring of
"Shoo-Fly". Again she breathed the beloved name. "Shoo".

In her mind's eye she saw the house where she had lived during this unusual
The evergreen trees along the back fence where she had first seen the litlle
rabbit sitting in the morning sun.
"Go and see him", her husband had said. "He looks like he's waiting for
Were those trees still standing? Or had new owners over the previous years
cut them down?
She remembered taking a little handful of parsley out to the little cottontail  
and a few of her house bunny's treats.
She smiled as she thought of the two uneaten sprigs she had collected the next
day, bringing them into the house and later buying a small heart shaped box to
put them into.
To this day the little box still sat on her dresser holding the precious green
which signified the start of their friendship.
beneath the larger of the evergreens,
she wondered if anyone had happened upon the three small stones placed
together at the base of the tree and wondered at this curious formation.
Smiling again, she thought of the day she had put them there.
Shoo-Fly had been lying in the shade by the garden fence near where she stood
holding the three stones.
"These stones are for us", she had told him. "A memorial to our friendship."
Were the stones still there? Had they gone unnoticed over the years...
or had someone removed them to plant flowers beneath the tree?
A tear trickled down her face...
and she wondered.
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