"The Magic Of Your Name"

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"I speak your name into the night
neath the moon and starry light.
A name beloved,
the name you knew.
Shoo-Fly, Shoo-Fly, Shoo-Fly, Shoo.

The trees bend low
and hear my call,
our spring and fall....

and how we sang on a summer's day,
cold winter winds
with the hope of May.
The love and friendship we both knew.
Shoo-Fly, Shoo-Fly, Shoo-Fly, Shoo.

Fireflies dance in a magical round.
The quiet of evening, there is nary a sound!
And as shadows move between the trees
I wonder if you've come back to me.

Just one more time to sit with you.
Shoo-Fly, Shoo-Fly, Shoo-Fly, Shoo.

The night deepens!
The insects sing!
I close my eyes,
the windchimes ring!

And suddenly I see you there
waiting for me by the stair,
the way you always used to do.
Shoo-Fly, Shoo-Fly, Shoo-Fly, Shoo.

Deep we sit into the night!
Still we stay till morning's light!

Just what is the magic of your name?
The magic is that to me you came.
Unlikely companions were we two.
Shoo-Fly,Shoo-Fly, Shoo-Fly, Shoo.

And as I wish upon a star
that together we'll be
together we are!

A name spoken softly and a friendship true.
Shoo-Fly, Shoo-Fly, Shoo-Fly, Shoo."

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