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"Memory of the Trees"


"Though time has passed I miss you
each day I miss you more.
I often seek to find you
among the fields of yore.

Running up to meet me
at day's long weary end.
I will always seek thee
my forever friend."

"Memories of You"

"Memories have I
to have and to hold.
Memories have I
more precious than gold.

Memories to last
a life time through.
Memories, memories,
sweet memories of you."

"Thoughts of You"

"I often stop to think of you
throughout the busy day.
And when I stop to think of you
all sadness melts away.

For each time that I think of you
my heart begins to smile.
I often stop to think of you
and rest there for awhile."

"Please Be There"

"Please be there to meet me
when it's my time to come home.
Please be there to greet me
I won't want to be alone.

I've waited the rest of my life time
to see you once again.
Please be there to meet me
my forever friend."

"The Wish"

"One more time to be with you
one more time again...
is all I'd ever ask for
I'd never ask again.

And if my time is coming
and I am at my end...
if one wish would be granted
I'd be with you my friend."

"At The Rainbow Bridge"

"If one day you seek me
and find that I have gone
please don't weep for me
know I still go on.

I'm sitting with my Shoo-Fly...
for he is my heart...
together with him now
never again to part.

All these years I've missed him
and waited for this day
so please don't weep for me
now that I have gone away."

"In Dreams"

"All day I wait for nighttime
when in dreams I am with you.
You are there beside me
my every wish come true.

And when daylight
breaks the morning
and I begin to grieve
I look forward to the nighttime
when in dreams you are with me."

"The Dream"


*The tree in the photo link is the
apple tree mentioned in many of the poems
where Shoo and I sat so often.