"Little Joe"

"The Patriotic Squirrel"

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It was a beautiful early September day of 2003.
Many neighbors had small flags lining their
driveways in memory of September 11th.
which was coming up soon.

I was out on my patio preparing to get some
photographs of Mandy Dove and Clover
Cottontail who were waiting for their dinner.

Suddenly the photo taking was interrupted by
a loud knocking at my front door. Turning to go
into the house I was again interrupted as Little
Joe Squirrel came tearing around the corner
stopping at my feet to look at me with a
pleading look on his face.

"Well, Joe, do you want your picture taken too?"
I asked smiling. The now famous photo at the
top of this page was achieved.

The knocking continued and as I turned once
again to go into the house I looked back to see
Little Joe tearing across the yard to climb the

Finally answering the door I found my neighbor
waiting patiently for me with her arms crossed. As
I opened the door she asked me to come over to
her yard to see what "my squirrel" had done. By
now I knew that when the words "my" and
"squirrel" were spoken in the same sentence
trouble was coming. Besides, wasn't he God's

However my neighbor did not see God standing
there with us to answer for the squirrel and Joe
was not there himself...so she saw only me.

Following her she led me to the huge tree in her
front yard and pointed to the top asking me what I
I caught my breath in amazement! There waving
mightily out of a squirrel nest was the American
I checked the small flags lining her driveway.
Yes, there was one missing.

Honestly thinking it was funny I told my neighbor
that Little Joe was just a patriotic squirrel! My
neighbor however was not amused.
"I think it's against the law to do that
with the flag," she informed me.
"Well," I surmised, remembering Joe's mad dash to
the fence.
"The government will have to catch him first!"

My neighbor then turned and left in a huff
clearly still not thinking
any of this was funny.

Later I did come back with my camera and
took the picture below.

Joe's flag is on the right hand side.
Look right under the leaves to
where the white arrow is pointing
to see Joe's labors.

And as for Little Joe Squirrel?

Poor Joe is still running
from the United States Government!

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