"Falling Stars"

"Once when our hearts were singing...
I was with you."

"Before time began I was with you
as we watched the falling stars.
We knew we'd have to wait then
for time fully to be ours.

And when on earth I met you
our time truly not begun...
ensured I'd not forget you
till the Final Battle won."

Behind the writing of
"Falling Stars"

Kindred Spirits?

I considered the word "many" or "most"
but truthfully "all" of Shoo's poems came
from a place deep inside of me.
I found myself saying during writing
that a writing came "up" instead
of saying "I wrote a poem."

This is very true of
the poem "Falling Stars".

Did I remember from a place
deep inside of me a
time with Shoo before earth?

Was...is Shoo my kindred spirit?

Did I know him...
before time?

When I read the words of this poem,
I wonder.

"Fallen Embers"

The song "Fallen Embers", sung by Enya
has always reminded me of Kindred Spirits.

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"Fallen Embers"

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