Behind the Writing of
"I Saw You Again Today"

"I held you in my arms then if only with my mind."

(Dear Reader)

During the year that Shoo and I were together I never
did attempt to touch him.To do so, in my mind and
heart, would have been to usurp some unwritten law of
nature that I believed existed whether I could see it or

But so often I did touch him with my mind!
Watching him as he ate from the bowl beside me I
would mentally pick him up and hold him ever so
whispering into his ear how much I loved him...
and with each "I love you" spoken I would see the
words as gently stroking his beautiful coat.

How I loved my forever cottontail friend...
but also, out of this love,
I had to respect the fact that he was wild.

Shoo-Fly,however,did touch me.

On many occasions he would nudge my
hand with his nose as I fed him his treats
(especially if they weren't coming fast enough!)

And so many times his nose would brush against
my hand as I attempted to remove it from the bowl
before he began eating!

And then there were our times in the backyard
when he would lie beside me and stretch,
pushing his little body up against mine as
we lay in the warm summer grass
waiting for our evening star.

These expressions of love and trust
from my forever friend,
are more valuable to me than
all the world's gold.

And I now relive them daily
if only with my mind...

as once again I pick him up
and hold him ever so close...
whispering into his ear how much
I love and miss him...
and how I would give the rest of my
life just to sit with him one more time...

and then...

once again...

I feel the soft touch of his
nose against my hand...

if only with my mind.

Written around the year 2004