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"Memory of the Trees"

Shoo-Fly was a wild cottontail rabbit who lived near
the evergreen trees in our backyard for exactly one year...
May 1998-May 1999.

My husband was actually the first to see him,
telling me that he had been seeing a little "Shoo-Fly"
out back every morning before leaving for work.

When asking what on earth a "Shoo-Fly" was,
he informed me that "Shoo-Fly" was a small brown
cottontail rabbit who came out every morning to sit
in the sun and eat the clover that grew near our garden.

"Why don't you go out and meet him?" my husband suggested.
"He looks like he's waiting for something."

After relaying to my husband that one did not go out
and "meet" wild rabbits, I returned to busying myself
at the kitchen sink.
What on earth had gotten into my husband?
Wild rabbits ran if you opened the door!

The next morning, though, I peeked out the kitchen window
and sure enough...
there he sat! Exactly as my husband had related.
And,he did have the look of one waiting.

Finally,after watching him every morning for a week,
I ventured out with a small handful of parsley
and one of my house bunny Mr. Daisy's rabbit treats.
A Carrot Slim to be exact.

Slowly I walked towards the small cottontail
certain that he would run.
But,he didn't.

Instead,he watched as I knelt down in the warm May grass
extending the little handful of greens toward him.
He watched, then drew closer.
Then, he sat.

I don't know how long we sat together,
but I do remember the strong scent
of apple blossoms filling the air...
and from that day on we were never apart.

Something had drawn us together that
early day in May of 1998.
Some might say it was an uncommon bond.
Some might call it a "connection".

In a poem written for him I stated:
"You gave me your trust and I gave you my love."

Maybe this is what drew us together.
Trust and love.

Whatever the power might be it has not lessened
since his passing to the Bridge on Mother's Day,
May 9th. 1999.

He is always on my mind...
forever in my heart.
He is My Forever Friend.

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